RF Interference Mitigation

  • Intermodulation Studies (IMD)
  • Interference Hunting and Detection
  • Passive Intermodulation Detection (PIM)
  • Antenna Isolation Analysis
  • Colocation Compatibility

In today’s dense radio networks, RF interference between co-located wireless carriers is a very common occurrence. Typically, transmitter final amplifiers operate in the non-linear region of the active devices and they will introduce strong intermodulation products (IMD), especially when external signals are introduced. Intermodulation involves the interaction of 2 carrier frequencies, f1 and f2.

The most common intermodulation product in communications is the 3rd order product created by the difference of the second harmonic of the carrier and the fundamental frequency of an interfering signal.

fIM3 = 2f1 – f2 and 2f2 – f1

On co-located wireless facilities, IMD is a common occurrence.

Detecting it and solving the problem is where the headache comes in.

3dB Communications can identify and solve this and other types of interference for you:
  • Co-Located site interference
  • Transmitter harmonics
  • Receiver intermodulation products
  • Receiver desensitization
  • Transmitter spurious emissions products
  • Transmitter intermodulation products (IMD)
  • Transmitter noise
  • Interference to E911 Public Service Systems
  • Mitigation