Municipality RF Engineering Consultation

Local governments, city councils, and planning bureaus in communities do not often have expertise on staff educated in radio and RF engineering to adequately review zoning applications for communications facilities. When applications are received from various wireless carriers and applicants for towers or communications facilities, we can provide expert review and analysis of those applications. This insures both the municipality and the applicant that an impartial review of the application is based on sound RF engineering principles. Here are some of the services that we can provide either to municipalities or to wireless applicants:

  • Counseling on Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering
  • RF Exposure & Safety
  • Site Justification Analysis
  • Site Coverage Objectives
  • 3rd Party Independent Peer RF Review
  • Expert Witness/Zoning Support
  • Rooftop Barrier Requirements
  • Co-Location analysis & RF Compatibility
  • System Design Reviews
  • Rooftop Barrier Requirements
  • Education & Training
  • Validating Construction Matches Approved Design