At 3dB Communications, we are seeking experienced RF Engineers who have a desire to work with a quality group of professionals without the bureaucracy of big business processes hampering you down.

We're looking for RF Engineers!

We have two flexible employment plans that may fit your lifestyle and working situation. One of these, may be just perfect for you!

  • Full Time, with medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage

  • Part Time, where you are paid on a project basis. This plan is great if you already have a full time job and wish to supplement your current income; or if you just want to work flexible hours/days. We assign projects to you as to not compete with whatever organization you may already be working for. This alleviates legal ramifications just in case you have signed non-compete agreements. Depending on your situation, health insurance may also be covered.

We suggest that you contact us or send us your resume if you are interested in being on our employment list. We will give you a call if a project opens up that matches your skillsets.